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5 Effective Ways on How to Fight Effective Cold with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has been in existence long before recent technology had identified different viruses, but it’s effectiveness in immunity and fighting cold still remains the same. It would be better to bank on medication that has been tried and tested than try other forms that would leave a certain percentage of the virus untreated. The following are ways that you can keep away cold by using traditional Chinese medicine.

1. Cover Yourself

Viruses that cause colds usually strike through the upper parts of the body like the neck and head, so you should always be adequately protected with a warm jacket, scarf, and cap when stepping out of the house especially if the weather is rough.

Covering the upper part of your body also reduces allergy signs, upper back pain, and neck immobility that is also caused by viruses associated with chilliness.

2. Always Consume Warm Foods and Drinks

It would be advisable to boost your body nutrients for efficient functioning in the right way depending on the season. In the summer, when temperatures are extremely high, you should eat foods that help to dehydrate your body like citrus and watermelon. At the same time, diets like potatoes and other warmth generating eats should be consumed during winter when your body requires warmth. You should keep away from cold foods, and go for those that keep your body warm around the clock.

3. Be Active

You will not notice when a wind pathogen enters your body. You will have a sore throat and feel achy for some time without any visible symptoms. The cold-causing pathogens usually stick on the skin, and the best way of getting rid of them is by opening up your pores. This way, you can sweat them out not only by eating healthy foods but by taking light exercises, which will keep your body in the proper perspiration and help it in many other ways.

4. Avoid Inhaling Chemical Fragrances

Chemical smells hurt your respiratory health, especially when you burn things that produce synthetic chemicals inside the house, and it is notably worse during the winter because your body is already exposed to the harsh conditions.

Please reduce the perfume candles and air fresheners in your home and consider using fresh plants, flowers, or natural scented oils. In doing this, you will not only be relieving your body off the heavy toxic burden, but you will be providing it with the therapeutic privileges of raw commodities. However, when the temperature rises, it is advisable that you open your windows and even go out for warmth.

5. Use Herbs That Boost the Immune System

It is better to boost your immune system than to wait until you catch a cold to react, by using herbs that boost your immunity before infection and changing them once you notice a bitter throat, or when your body temperatures raise. To identify the right herbs to use and at what time, you should visit a licensed Acupuncturist for specialized treatment.

As the cold season approaches, you should be equipped with the rawest ways of fighting a cold. You should use the ones provided above for effective medication and boosting your immunity as well.

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