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Health Benefits of Fencing

Fencing is a modern fantastic sport which is very interesting and it has been practiced for many years. It is a kind of sport that involves two opponents which in a way resembles fencing at an early age. It involves the use of weapons such as foil. Then the fencer makes points through hitting the opponent in the designated area of the body while moving around in long strips. It is known to be one of the fastest sports matches. There are numerous health merits of fencing which will prove to you that you really need to try it.
Fencing requires a lot of strength and endurance. This is a sports game which involves a lot of footwork in order to make sure you have kept the required distance between you and your opponent, hence requiring a lot of speed and flexibility. Fencing also involves many counter-attacks and attacks. Therefore a fencer needs a lot of muscular endurance to make sure he or she has reached a point before becoming fatigued.

Fencing is known to increase mental sharpness. Fencing which is also known as physical chess is due to the many tacts behind the movement that is made during fencing. When you are practice this kind of sport regularly it enhances capability. The reason being, the matches are won through psychological and physical observation between the two opponents. It will also involve skills and personal fencing.

Fencing also reduces stress. This is a match that involves mental and physical practices. Therefore it reduces the level of stress extremely. The reason being, while playing the match all your mind is focused on a game. When this is happening the body, therefore, produces endorphins that inturns help to reduce the stress levels.

It also increases fitness. Fencing is known to increase heart health and also mental health. This process is done through increasing the oxygen in the blood, thereby releasing endorphins that bring about a sense of well being. Also in the process, there is extra oxygen released which in turn helps to boost the immune system. Thereby helping the body to be able to remove toxic materials such as lactic acid.

Cardiovascular health. As you know during all the matches, the respiratory rate does increase and as you continue with the match it therefore deepens. Then the oxygen level in the blood also starts to rise. Now when the rate of the heart continues to increase the capillaries widen. When this is done regularly, it, therefore, makes the heart strong and the blood is therefore pumped in a more efficient way.

Fencing also increases coordination. Fencing is also like the way you use a bicycle during racing. It requires your whole body to make a full range of movements. This, therefore, forces the arms and legs to work together as they attack. It is through coordination that these movements will be made more efficient when you are in a match. Having seen the merits you can, therefore, try this game as it does not only help in physical exercises but also the overall health of the body.

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