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Finding the Right Loft Storage Stilts

Boarding your loft comes with many benefits to the homeowners. For instance, boarding your loft will offer great insulation value, therefore, preventing heat loss. Normally, an uninsulated home requires to generate up to thirty percent additional heat to cover up for the heat lost via the roof space. So you ought to insulate your loft and boarding your loft will increase its efficiency. In addition to that, fitting boards in your loft creates flooring, and that ensures you don’t fall through openings between the beams or sticking your foot through the ceiling.
Nonetheless, you can boost the efficiency of the boards by raising them a little higher. Research on insulation’s thermal properties indicate that having the insulation compressed will result in more than fifty percent drop in its thermal properties. You can alleviate insulation compression by raising your loft boards by 175mm. This can be easily done through loft storage stilts or legs, a unique design protected solution to get rid of insulation compression as you use your loft for storage. Fixing a 175mm loft storage stilt on top of a 100mm gives a light and cheap solution. In addition to that, fixing these loft legs in place is not complicated as you can have them installed in a matter of minutes. That said, make sure you are getting the right loft legs to ensure you are saving on energy as well as power bills. Considering that there are numerous companies loft storage stilts and these products are available in many different sorts, it can be confusing trying to find the perfect item. Here are several considerations to take into account and ensure you are picking the right loft storage stilt.
You want to install loft legs that can carry the weight of the loft boards and whatever is stored and will be durable, and so the quality of the loft leg is something to consider. As such, make sure that your loft legs are designed to ISO9001 standards and have been tested in an independent facility by experts. A topnotch loft stilt is made through the highest standards and therefore will be strong and durable.
Lastly, you should understand that the cost of loft legs will differ between loft companies. For that reason, you would love to seek estimates around to find that suitable deal. Get quotes from different vendors to determine which can give optimum value for your money. You want to get the best deal for your loft stilts but remember that you also need to look at the quality of the stilt and presence of a warranty instead of price alone.

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